Plant Genetic Resources in the Czech Republic

Plant Genetic Resources

Plant Genetic Resources (PGR) are defined as "living material containing genes with direct or potential value for humanity", including varieties or landraces of cultivated plants, breeding and genetic lines or related wild plant species.

Plant genetic resources important for food and agriculture are mostly stored in gene banks or in national research centres in the form of seeds as ex situ, in in vitro culture, or in the form of live plants in a field collection. Their primitive forms and wild related species are partly stored in gene banks and partly protected through regular in situ monitoring.

In the Czech Republic, there is systematic work with PGR and their conservation supported by the Ministry of Agriculture via the National Programme on Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources and Agrobiodiversity.

29-31 August 2017
GRIN-Global Workshop 2017 for European genebanks The workshop will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, 29-31 August 2017. This ECPGR Activity is sponsored by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. This workshop is being organized by ECPGR in collaboration with Crop Research Institute, Gene Bank, Prague Ruzyne and with the Crop Trust. The aim of the workshop is to present and familiarize genebanks with the documentation system GRIN-Global.

GRIN-Global team won the Abraham Lincoln Honor Award
GRIN-Global team won the Abraham Lincoln Honor Award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the most prestigious U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) award presented by the Secretary of Agriculture. The Germplasm Resources Information Network-Global Team received the award for developing and implementing the Germplasm Resources Information Network-Global, an innovative, state-of-the art information management system for plant genebanks.

2016 Abraham Lincoln Honor Award´s Ceremony in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Sep. 13, 2016 (from the left: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Germplasm Resources Information Network-Global Team leaders Peter D. Cyr and Gary Kinard, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary Gregory Parham)

International workshop GRIN Global 2016 is held in the the Genebank in CRI under the sponsorship of the Global Crop Diversity Trust from 8th to 12th of February 2016. The workshop is attended by 25 specialists in documentation system of plant genetic resources from whole world. They will get to know how to work with the documentation system GRIN Global. This system developed by the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service in cooperation with Bioversity International and the Global Crop Diversity Trust has been providing in CRI for all participants of the Czech National Programme for Conservation and Utilization of Genetic Resources and Bioversity since June 2015 (under the name GRIN Czech).


Wheat European database EWDB providing by Genebank in CRI was, within the European project ECPGR TRAID, updated by new data from Switzerland, France, Estonia, Romania, Poland and Lithuania.